Women’s Health Postnatal Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Resolve

” Women’s health is a specialist area of physiotherapy which focuses on problems related to the pelvic floor and the pelvis.”


Postnatal Physiotherapy Sutton Coldfield

Resolve Physiotherapy are proud to offer antenatal and postnatal women’s health physiotherapy from our clinic in Streetly Village,  Sutton Coldfield.  During and after pregnancy the female body is subject to a huge amount of change.  These changes can be the cause of aches and pains as well as issues with bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunction.


At Resolve Physiotherapy we aim to minimise the discomfort that may arise during and after pregnancy and, educate new mums and ‘mums to be’ about their ever changing body during their childbearing year, allowing pregnancy to be enjoyable and afford the mother an efficient recovery post partum.  We provide treatment from our Sutton Coldfield clinic.


How can Women’s Health Physiotherapy help me postnatally?

The immediate weeks after the birth of your baby is an important time for your body. Your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and continues to change post-natally. It is important to address any issues that occur at this time so as to prevent problems later in life.


Childbirth can lead to pelvic floor trauma, perineal tears and pudendal nerve injury (the nerve which supplies your bladder and pelvic floor). Consequently the pelvic floor can become dysfunctional and you may experience urinary or bowel urgency and/or incontinence, urinary frequency, incomplete emptying, pain on urination/defeacation and pain or discomfort with sexual intercourse.


Who would benefit from postnatal physiotherapy?

  • Individuals who have been suffering with aches and pains during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby
  • Individuals interested in a faster recovery after the birth
  • Individuals wanting to regain their flat tummy post birth


What Can  Expect?


A pelvic floor assessment allows us to establish the cause of your symptoms.  This can be done from 6 weeks post-natally or after your 6-week check up.


Following your assessment appropriate treatment can be provided which may include:

  • Pelvic floor re-training and exercises
  • Provision of pelvic floor educators/muscle stimulators to improve muscle activation and power
  • Internal manual therapy techniques to relax the pelvic floor muscles, including trigger point release, myo-fascial stretches, scar massage, neural mobilisations.
  • Myo-fascial release of the connective tissue of the abdomen, hips and pelvis
  • Education and advice regarding toileting and positional modifications
  • Provision of pelvic floor exercises and general exercise to assist in release and re-training of the pelvic muscles
  • Provision of vaginal dilators, pelvic floor educators or muscle stimulators to assist in the release and relaxation of pelvic muscles
  • Assessment and treatment of any unresolved low back, hip or pelvic pain
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques

Resolve’s women’s health physiotherapist can also advise on safe and effective return to exercise after pregnancy and treatment of  Diastasis Recto (separated abdominal muscles)


What is Diastasis Recti?


Diastasis Recti often occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy when the abdominal muscles are put under the most strain. The linea alba is a line of fascial tissue that acts to join the left and right hand rectus abdominal muscles.  When the linea alba is overstretched a separation can occur between the left and right sides.  Diastasis recti may make it harder for you to regain your tummy tone and return to your normal exercise routine.  It is therefore important to have an assessment to determine if you do have a separation and the extent of such, as this will determine which exercises are suitable and safe for you to proceed with.  We can carry out this assessment 6 weeks post partum if you had a vaginal delivery or 8 weeks if you had a C-section.


At Resolve in Sutton Coldfield, our specialist female physiotherapist is highly specialised and approachable. She is able to treat all conditions related to women’s health and uses the latest techniques and technology to help with your problems.   It is our priority to make you feel comfortable when seeking treatment at our clinic.



Please call 0121 293 0237 or email info@resolve-physio.co.uk for further information