Posture and Back Care for The Workplace


Postural tips and advice for the work environment

Here are some postural tips and advice for the work environment.

Lower back pain is a problem!

As many of our working roles will require us to be sat at a desk or in a seated transport for prolonged periods of time. Lower back pain and subsequent disability have become a prevalent issue.  It is estimated that 80% of individuals will experience an episode of lower back pain on at least one occasion in their lives.  Lower back pain is the highest cause of disability worldwide and deserves our attention in how we can try to prevent it!

For those already suffering, you can get in touch for some help to settle any pain.  For everyone else, here are some that can be incorporated into your daily routine to help prevent neck and back pain!

Quick postural tips and advice for the work environment

Regular Breaks: Ensure you have frequent breaks throughout the day. This doesn’t need to be away from your desk,  simply standing up at regular intervals throughout the day, making a quick drink or taking a few steps to the bin/printer.

Range of Movement Exercises: These can be performed whilst at your desk such as: rolling the shoulders, turning the head side to side, shoulder shrugs and pelvic tilts , helping to keep the local muscle groups alert and active.

Ergonomic and Desk Based Assessment: An ergonomic assessment at work will assess your posture and keep it to an optimum throughout the day.

Prioritise Physical Activity:  Ensuring you make time for focused exercise is important.  You can take a walk at lunch time, park a little further away from work than you normally do, take up a team sport, join the gym etc etc.  Body strength, endurance, stability and flexibility throughout your spine and trunk, can significantly lower the risk of developing problems whilst stationary at work during the bulk of the working week.

Postural tips and advice for the work environment

At Resolve Physiotherapy, we have an extremely experienced team of musculoskeletal physiotherapists who can assess, diagnose, and treat postural problems including back and neck pain.  We can also advise and treat to help prevent you from experiencing postural issues whilst at work.

Call us on 0121 2930237 for some further information on what we can do to help!

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