Backcare Awareness Week 2015

From the 7th-11th of October, it will be Backcare Awareness Week in the UK. The event is organised by BackCare, the charity for healthier backs; its aim is not only to raise awareness of the problems that can be caused by back pain, but also the prevention and treatment of back pain.

Back pain is experienced by around 4 in every 5 adults at some point in their life time and can be caused by a wide variety of things; from playing sport, picking up a heavy box without bending your knees, or even just by sitting in one position for too long. Musculoskeletal disorders like back pain are one of the most common reasons for people being off sick from work, however, in many cases, this can be prevented.

By making a few simple changes and ensuring that your work station is set up correctly for you, you can go a long way towards preventing back pain. If you do suffer back pain as a result of sitting for too long at your desk, physiotherapy can help you to carry on working.  At Resolve Physiotherapy, we are able to provide tailored occupational health physiotherapy for every work environment, including in-house physiotherapy services. By helping to ensure that all staff are in good physical health, we are able to help reduce the amount of workers off sick and increase productivity.

back pain

How can physiotherapy help back pain?

Physiotherapy can be a very effective treatment for treating and managing back pain and can help to speed up recovery from injury, as well as helping to prevent the same problem from occurring again. A physiotherapist will check if your back pain may be connected to a serious health problem.  A thorough assessment allows them to find the reason for your back pain and decide on the best way to treat it and prevent future problems.

As well as a plethora of manual treatments, physiotherapists can also provide advice on exercises that will help to relieve back pain, prevent it recurrence and advise on pain relief methods. When it comes to developing a treatment plan, a physiotherapist will always formulate a plan that is designed for the individual, based on the cause of your back pain, taking into account any relevant medical history. Physiotherapy treatment can differ greatly from patient to patient.  At Resolve Physiotherapy we always take a patient’s personal goals into account when devising a treatment plan for back pain.

If you are suffering from niggling back pain, whether it was caused by picking up heavy parcels or sitting too long whilst driving or at work, get in touch with Resolve Physiotherapy today to see how we can help you. Call the team on 0121 293 0237 to arrange an appointment.

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