Physiotherapy Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

The aim of physiotherapy is to restore and maximise function.  At Resolve Physiotherapy we specialise in resolving problems associated with the musculoskeletal system.  We adopt a very hands on approach to treatment, supported by electrotherapies, prescriptive exercise, education and advice.

We believe that ensuring that the client is treated as an individual and adjusting treatments to best meet the unique needs of each client is paramount to successful rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Examination

Our physiotherapist will begin with a thorough examination of the problem area, surrounding joints and soft tissue in order to determine a physical therapy diagnosis and course of treatment for your condition. The uncertainty of not understanding your condition or injury and how it will affect your future functioning can be very stressful. We believe that patient education is a very important component of the therapy process; therefore, you can expect your physiotherapist to fully explain their findings and how physiotherapy will help you achieve your functional goals.  Where appropriate, we will work closely with your referring physician in order to formulate the best treatment plan for you. The therapist will always take in consideration your personal goals when creating a treatment plan.

You should expect the same quality of care from your first visit to your last.

At Resolve Physiotherapy we promote a holistic approach to treatment.  As such, we have links with local consultants, podiatrists, nutritionists and personal trainers to ensure that rehabilitation really is complete.

Please contact us to check your suitability for physiotherapy and arrange your initial consultation on

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