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Body Contouring with INDIBA

What can non-surgical body contouring treatment do for me? If you are unhappy with a part of your body or wish to tackle stubborn fat in a difficult to change area, you may benefit from body contouring treatment. Unlike surgical alternatives such as liposuction or fat removal, non-invasive body contouring such as INDIBA are safe, reliable and effective. The major benefit to undergoing non-surgical body reshaping treatment is that you can contour the body without the pain, risk and extended downtime associated with surgery. Non-surgical body contouring treatments utilise energy rather than scalpels to augment the fat you wish to say goodbye to!

Using the INDIBA proionic system to reduce cellulite and contour stubborn fat deposits

Using the INDIBA proionic system to reduce cellulite and contour stubborn fat deposits

How is non-surgical body contouring different to fat reduction surgery? Unlike cosmetic surgery for fat reduction, non-surgical body contouring using energy-assisted devices can reduce unwanted fat and contour the body without breaking the skin.   The INDIBA system that we use at Resolve uses radiofrequency energy to produce a thermal effect that enhances normal lipolysis (fat reduction) at subborn fatty deposits allowing your experienced clinical to reshape the area. Radiofrequency delivers controlled energy to excess fat areas, creating heat deep within fat cells.  This results in the conversion of triglycerides to glycerol and free fatty acids which are then moved out of the cell and excreted from the body in the normal hepatic pathway without disrupting normal cellular function.  Unlike infrared systems radiofrequency devices, can penetrate 5-25 mm into the subcutaneous tissue affording the opportunity to have a more direct effect on adipose tissue. The radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin effectively and safely simply by being placed strategically over the area of concern.   The INDIBA system also helps tighten the skin over the area of the body where fat reduction has occurred to further enhance the treatment outcome.   Offering a true two in one treatment, this is a fantastic way of reshaping areas of the body, such as the thighs and arms, and is body contouring without surgery.   Making the right decision

  • Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone. There are many risks and complications associated with fat and weight loss surgery, but that risk is almost removed entirely with non-surgical body contouring treatments, such as those offered at Resolve
  • Research your options – Radiofrequency energy is a great tool for body reshaping treatment, but not all devices are created equally. At Resolve we are confident that we offer the best clinically available treatment. Our clinicians using the devices are expertly trained in advanced non-surgical treatments such as body contouring with radiofrequency.
  • Non-surgical body contouring is not a standalone weight loss tool; if you have are significantly overweight you will get the best outcomes by addressing your diet and fitness regime prior to, during and post treatment.
  • INDIBA body contouring treatments at Resolve are ideal for honing your physique. Many patients report inch loss and cellulite reduction is possible in some cases.

Body Contouring Prices 

Initial Course of Treatment – 6 sessions

Small Area – £625.00

Large Area – £1200.00

Single Top Up Treatment every 4-6 weeks

Small Area – £85.00

Large Area – £175.00



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