Body Composition Scanning

Body Composition Scanning Sutton Coldfield

Body composition testing is carried out to determine how much of your body is made up of adipose (fat) and how much isn’t (lean mass).  Objective data on your body composition is imperative if you’re actively trying to lose weight, put on muscle mass or improve your sporting performance.

Tracking body composition is also helpful if you want to compare the  effect of different types of training, nutrition or supplementation use on body fat and muscle mass levels.

Athletes and athletic trainers use this information to help them understand and improve performance.  Once the optimal body composition for a particular sport or position within a sport is determined, adjustments to training and nutrition can be made to ensure athletes perform at their best.

A body composition test is particularly useful for someone taking part in a weight-limited sport such as boxing or bodybuilding to ensure appropriate strategies for meeting body mass requirements.

There are several different methods of determining body composition on the market.  These vary in terms of accuracy, reliability, repeatability, information they give you and ease of access.


How Do You Measure #Bodyfat in Your Athletes?

How Do We Measure #Bodyfat at Resolve?

Accurate, consistent methods of measurement are key in tracking your progress to ensure training programmes are effective.  So, how do you accurately and consistently track if you are losing fat, muscle, or both?


At Resolve Physiotherapy in Sutton Coldfield we are proud to offer the most accurate method of analysing body composition usually reserved for elite sports teams to everyone.  Through use of ultrasound technology and Musclesound applications we know that the 7 site scan we offer in clinic gives the highest levels of accuracy outside of DEXA.


What is MuscleSound?

Using images captured from 7 specific sites on the body by ultrasound imaging, the layer of fat beneath the skin is accurately measured from the images and analysed by cloud based software, fed through a validated algorithm that has been honed to optimise validity providing reliable results within minutes.


Musclesound determines the percentage of fat at each of the sites measured and produces a report that illustrates the percentage of site specific fat content allowing fat distribution to be analysed, much like DEXA.  A study by Pineua at al (2009) found that ultrasound estimates of body fat percentage were correlated closely with those of DEXA in both females and males and that the use of a portable ultrasound device produced accurate body fat and body fat percentage estimates in relation to the fan-beam DEXA technique.


  • Non invasive
  • Minimal influence from external factors i.e hair/humidity
  • Quick
  • Affordable
  • Repeatable
  • Accurate
  • Easy to read reports generated automatically


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MuscleSound has several advantages over and above other standard methods of body composition and body fat measurements.  It offers a highly accurate measure, detailed readable report and repeatability which can be applied to the individual and team athlete allowing us to track and record progress over time.


Scan Appointments

Your body composition scan will take place at our clinic in Sutton Coldfield and take approximately 15 minutes.  You will need to undress so please wear shorts and ladies a suitable sports bra/underwear that allows accurate measurements to be taken.  Once measurements are taken using an ultrasound probe the results are onscreen within minutes.  You will then be provided with a printed report that shows lean muscle mass at the individual 7 sites and an overall measurement of body fat and lean mass.  These are then kept on your athlete file allowing us to track changes over time for comparison.   The key to assessing #bodyfat levels is consistent, recorded measurements over time (repeatability) we are confident that you will not get a scan like this anywhere else in the Midlands.

Individual Scan – £35

Annual Scan Package – £1000 (1 scan per week for 50 weeks of the year)

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